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Collaboration and collaborative working are at the heart of every successful endeavour. Working together towards a common goal or objective is what differentiates great from good, and in today’s challenging working environments access to the best resource at the right time irrespective of global location balances successful outcomes.

Based on years of experience in working with business, public sector and education in creating effective information centric collaborative working, the LA12 Virtual Collaboration Centres (VCC) provide a flexible framework for a broad span of capabilities supporting distributed, shared, real-time working models.

VCC is a virtual reality based rich immersive environment capable of sharing real-time models, data, applications, video and audio with any connected participant. Its base framework can be customised to facilitate many working modes and models as illustrated in the portfolio below.


Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies.


Multi-user collaboration, shared situational awarenss


Real time integartion with data and applications


Experiential based learning for greater rates of retention

The power of Virtual Environments

Every day, millions of people who have never met in person, work together to achieve improbable goals. They do this by remotely collaborating with others, in real time, sharing plans, ideas, agreeing on tactics, taking responsibility for their actions and trusting each other to do as they commit and living by the outcomes.

Generations who grew up with online gaining freely use advanced technology to gather information, assess situations and action plans, apply experience, take action and monitor results, all the while discussing options and progress with each other.

Very few organisations are prepared and able to exploit these new 'life' skills within the work place, public service or learning environments. Our role is to prepare and deliver technology centric vritual collaboration environments for that generation and to bring those skills into the work place for greater commercial advantage.

Leveraging the power of online gaming technology.

As businesses strive to achieve ever greater competitive edge, and public services drive for ever deeper connection to their citizens, the potential for this pervasive, collaborative, engaged approach grows with each innovation. Gaming technology for industry, gaming technology for public sector, not for play, but for business efficiency and for cost effective, focussed, customised service delivery.

Our Focus

Immersive Collaborative Experiences

The development of immersive real-time collaboration framework-based environments allowing people to come together to work, share social support, learn and (on occasion) play.



Collaborative VR

Examples of the application of collaborative VR

Client and Partner Projects

STEM and Community Projects


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